Andràs Böröcz, "Cardplayers," 2002,
Carved pencils, graphite, mixed media, 21" x 15" x 8 1/2"

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 Adam Baumgold Gallery presents an exhibition of recent sculpture by Andràs Böröcz. The exhibition will focus on a new series of carved pencil figures and meticulous drawings set within boxes, that are also made of pencils. These boxes reflect Böröcz's distinctive style, with his obsessive focus on carved figures using everyday materials and imagery as both conceptual and structural elements.

 Böröcz started to work with pencils more than 10 years ago. The pencil, which is often the tool to create art, is used as the art material in his work. The pencil appears as both content and context: a box, made of painted glued together pencils, holds a small pencil tableau. Behind the carved pencil figures there is a drawing of a scene out of a window or a drawing on the wall, or both, each representing a larger pencil universe. The themes of these pencil genre boxes are often absurd, particularly when these miniatures address archtypal motifs, "The Card Players," or "The Artist in his Studio." Reminiscent of both tiny Medieval altars and of enlarged pencil cases, they are further enriched by painted surfaces, mirrors and drawn elements.

Also included in the exhibition will be a series of kinetic, noise-making sculptures made of carved mahogany, based on the Jewish celebration of Purim. Böröcz became interested in the ratchet or grogger which, as a part of the Jewish celebration of Purim, is used to blot out the name of the villain, Haman, when it is heard. In some Jewish communities people put Haman's name on the sole of their shoes on order to stamp it out when his name is mentioned.

Andràs Böröcz was born in Budapest, Hungary. His work has been exhibited extensively in Europe and the U.S., and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, the Jewish Museum, Budapest, Contemporary Museum, Pecs, Hungary, the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, and City College of New York. This is Böröcz's fifth solo exhibition at Adam Baumgold Gallery. He currently lives and works in New York City.

 The gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-5:30 P.M. For additional information, please contact Adam Baumgold at (212) 861-7338.

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