Solo Shows

2005 Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
2003 Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
Jewish Museum, Budapest: András Böröcz - Noisemakers II
Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
Judea Museum, Phildelphia: András Böröcz - Noisemakers I
2001 Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
2000 Varfok 14, Budapest
1999 Varfok 14, Budapest
1998 Hungarian Consulate, New York
Budapest Gallery, Budapest
Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
Varfok 14, Budapest
1997 Janus Pannoius Muzeum, Pecs, Hungary
Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
Varfok 14, Budapest
1996 Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York
Varfok 14, Budapest
1995 "Africus " Johannesburg Biennale,South Africa
Varfok14 Gallery, Budapest
1994 Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York
Varfok 14 Galeria. Budapest
"Tongue Depressors". Uitz Terem. Dunaujvaros, Hungary
"The Hanged ". Permanent exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
"Titok ". Liget Galeria (with Robbin Ami Silverberg), Budapest
1993 "Egg Show". Muveszetek Haza Galeria (with Robbin Ami Silverberg) Pecs, Hungary
Tibor de Nagy Gallery (with Joy Taylor) New York
1992 Obudai Tarsaskor Galeria. Budapest
Varfok 14 Galeria. Budapest
"Art as Artfact". Delta Axis Contemporary Art Center [with D. Tisdale and
R. Tamboli] Memphis, TN.
1991 Istvan Kiraly Muzeum. Szekesfehervar, Hungary
PS122 Gallery [with Laszlo Nosek and Istvan Kosbor] New York
Right Bank Gallery. Brooklyn, New York
1988 Access Gallery. Ann Arbor, Michigan
1986 Madison Gallery [with Miklos Erdely and Laszlo Revesz] Toronto,Canada
Aunella Gallery [with L. Revesz]. Porvoo, Finland
Ariel Gallery [with Geza Nemeth and L. Revesz]. New York
1985 Sluzzer Gallery [with L. Revesz] University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Studio Gallery. Budapest
"Record" Skating Ring [with Andras Koncz and L. Revesz]. Budapest
Helikon Galeria. Budapest
Hungarian Cultural Institute. Helsinki, Finland
1984 Gallery of the Hungarian Architects' [with Gabor Rosko and L. Revesz]. Budapest
Young Artists' Club [with L. Revesz]. Budapest
Mercer Union Gallery [with L. Revesz]. Toronto, Canada
1983 Town Gallery, [with Maria Czako, Aron Gabor and Zsuzsa G.Heller] Porvoo, Finland
Hungarian Cultural Institute [with M. Czako, A. Gabor and ZS.G.Heller]. Helsinki
Lajos Vajda Studio [with L. Revesz ]. Szentendre, Hungary

Selected Group Shows

2004 Jewish Museum, NYC: New Acquisitions
Adam Baumgold Gallery, NYC: Untold Stories
AIR Gallery, NYC: Women Choose Men
2B Gallery, Budapest: Waldsee 1944
2B Gallery, Budapest: Böröcz Family Show
2003 Henry Street Settlement, NYC: "What's Cooking?"
Adam Baumgold, Gallery, NYC: Group Exhibition.
International Triennale of Small Sculpture, Gallery of Murska Sobota, Slovenia
FIAC, Paris, France - represented by Varfok 14
Basel Art Fair - represented by Varfok 14
1999 FIAC, Paris, France - represented by Varfok 14
"Works on Paper", NYC - represented by Adam Baumgold Fine Arts, NY
1998 ARCO, Madrid, Spain - represented by Varfok 14
FIAC, Paris, France - represented by Varfok 14
Dobbin Books, Harpercollins Exhibition Space, New York
Adam Baumgold Fine Arts, New York: Spring Group Exhibition
Art Exchange Show, New York - represented by Adam Baumgold
Works on Paper, The Armory, New York - represented by Adam Baumgold
1997 Adam Baumgold Fine Arts, New York: Group Exhibition
Works on Paper, The Armory, New York - represented by Adam Baumgold
Art Exchange Show, New York - represented by Adam Baumgold
1996 The Nineties, Istvan Kiraly Muzeum. Szekesfehervar, Hungary
Art of the Matter, The Cooper Union. New York
Artists for Habitat, Kenneth Winslow Gallery. New York
Chicago Art Fair - represented by Adam Baumgold Fine Arts.
1995 "One World Many Visions": Exhibition for the UN at Silvermine Guild Art Center, Connecticut
"Oppose (Any) Authority": Janus Avivson Gallery, London, England
"Selections". Adam Baumgold Fine Art. New York
"Dobbin Books". Prieto Gallery, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1994 "Dobbin Books: First 3 Years". HarperCollins Exhibition Space, New York
"Wood Works". Adam Baumgold Fine Art. New York
"Little Things". Art In General Gallery. New York
"2nd Hungarian Epigon Show ". Kampnagel Gallery. Hamburg, Germany
"Derkovits Kepzomuvesz Kor 25" Ujpest Galeria, Budapest
"80-as Evek". Ernst Muzeum, Budapest
1993 Little Things". Randolph Street Gallery. Chicago; Feszek Klub. Budapest, Hungary &
Delta Axis, Memphis
"International Print Exhibition". Machida City Museum. Tokyo, Japan
"International Sculpture Biennial". City Galeria, Pecs. Hungary
"International Artist Book Exhibition ". National Library, Budapest
1992 "Egg Art" Byrd Hassman Group. New York
"1st Hungarian Epigon Show". Liget Galeria, Budapest
"Summer Pleasures ". Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York
1991 "Outdoor Sculpture1991". Penn State Berks Campus. Pennsylvannia
"Selection from the AIM Program". Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Garden, Pepsico Headquarters. Purchase, New York
"Commission a Portrait". PS 122 Gallery, New York
1990 "Drawings". Knoll Gallery, Budapest
"4 Musketas- Foto". Liget Galeria , Budapest
"AIM Program". Bronx Museum, New York
"In Anfuhrrungszeichen". Haus der Ungarischen Kultur. East Berlin, Germany
"Fete de I'lmage". Lille, France
"Digit Art - Computer Art". Budapest
"I Wanna Now What Love is ". Other Space. New York
1989 "No Relief".124 Ridge Street Gallery, New York
"Zeitgenossine Kunst aus Ungarn". Kunstlerhaus. Dortmund, W. Germany
"Teknologia". Graff Centre. Montreal, Canada
1988 "Armature". Walter Phillips Gallery. Banff, Canada
"4 Muskateers". RAM Gallery. Vienna, Austria
1987 "Seven Artists". Ernst Muzeum, Budapest
"Six Hungarian Artists". Sherover Theater. Jerusalem, Israel
1986 "New Hungarian Sculptures". Toronto, Banff, & Montreal, Canada
"In Quotation Marks". Csok Istvan Muzeum . Szekesfehervar, Hungary
"Aspekte Ungarischer Malerei der Gegewart". Leverkusen, Munster, & Hagen, Germany
"Digit Art". Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1985 "4th Biennial of Europien Graphic Art". Baden-Baden, Germany
"18 Artists from Hungary". Third Eye Centre. Glasgow, England
1984 "Rajz/Drawing". Pecs, Hungary
1983 "New Hungarian Graphic Art". National Gallery, Budapest
"Studio '83". Ernst Muzeum, Budapest
1978/83 Sixteen Exhibitions with the Group "Indigo" in various places.Budapest


1983 Postgraduate Year.Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts . Budapest
1982 Graduation [Painting]. Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Prizes, Scholarships

1995 Residency. Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbertide, Italy
1990 AIM Program at the Bronx, Museum. New York
1989 Membership at the IKG W.Germany
1988 Scholarship. The Banff Center of Fine Arts, Canada
1984 Visiting Artist Grant. Canada Council
1983-86 Derkovits Grant. Budapest
1983 Art Prize. Studio 83 Exhibition, BP


Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
National Gallery, Budapest
The Jewish Museum, New York City
Budapest Jewish Museum, Hungary
Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA
Jannus Pannonius Museum, Pecs, Hungary
Istvan Kiraly Muzeum. Szekesfehervar, Hungary
Latvanytar Muzeum, Diszel, Tapolca, Hungary
Bayer Collection, Dusseldorf, Germany
CUNY in Manhattan

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1992 The 8 Ball (with Louise McCagg). Memphis College of Art.
1988 Black Hole (with Nina Czeglédy). The Banff Centre, Canada.

Performances with László Révész

1991 Geller. Obudai Tarsaskör Galeria. Budapest.
1990 With the Computer. Ernst Müzeum. Budapest.
1989 The Parrot I. Kunstlerhaus. Dortmund, Germany.
The Parrot II. Aesthetics Congress. Upsala University, Sweden.
1988 Icarus I. Maryland Art Institute. Baltimore.
I carus II. Access. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
1987 Dawn 1, 2, 3, and 4. Documenta 8. Kassel, Germany.
Sketch for Dawn. Szemlöhegy Cave, Budapest.
One Hour Aurora. Gas Station. New York.
1986 Let There Be Dawn! Kampnagel. Hamburg, Germany.
Winter Sonata. Kunstmuseum. Dusseldorf, Germany.
Daily Harbour. Spengler Museum. Hanover, Germany.
Autumn Sonata. Ravensberger Spinnerei. Bielefield, Germany.
Summer Sonata. Moltkerei Werkstatt. Cologne, Germany.
Carillon. Stollwerk. Cologne, Germany.
Spring Sonata. Skupturmuseum Glaskasten. Marl, Germany.
Violet Ties. Aunella Gallery. Porvoo, Finland: Old Student House, Helsinki, Finland.
Flea III. Tarragon Theatre. Toronto, Canada.
Flea II. Angel Hall. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Flea I. St. Mark's Church. New York.
1985 Peter and the Wolf. Palace of Exhibitions. Budapest.
Saint George. Maximal Art Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Nitty Gritty. I- IV. Third Eye Center, Glasgow, England
Record, Varosligeti Mulyegpalya, Budapest
PI , Brecht Theatre, Ann Arbour, Michigan, U S A
1984 A dinnyearus fiuk szerelme. Kossuth Klub, Budapest
Centaurs. Rivoli, Toronto , Canada
Boldogtalan Dianna 5 5 5 5 5 , Egyetemi Szinpad
1983 Max und Moric. Egyetemi Szinpad, Budapest
Safe- Women . Ernst Muzeum, Budapest
Lek. Vajda Lajos Studio , Szentendre, Hungary
Othello. Fiatal Muveszek Klubja, Budapest
1982 Gyufa . Egyetemi Szinpad, Budapest
Jubilee. Museum of Fine Art, Budapest
1981 Gomb. Einstein es Frankenstein. Egyetemi SZinpad, Budapest
1980 A Lorol .Iparmuveszeti Foiskola, Budapest
1979 Envelope. Eotvos Klub ELTE, Budapest
Kemeny es Lagy. ELTE Kollegium, Budapest
Feszek. Vajda Lasos Studio, Szentendre, Hungary
1978 Hal. Iparmuveszeti Foiskola, Budapest