Tony Fitzpatrick’s collage-drawings and prints are roiling and boisterous, full of life and celebration, but also firmly centered and remarkably grounding, their energy as infectious and yet as calming as a perfectly choreographed stage revue. Indeed, for all the intimate bemusement with the cosmos they project, these detail-rich, high-chroma notations seem to be addressing themselves quite deliberately, even fervently to the viewer. Look at this! they exclaim – and what they get you to look at and delight in can be, at the same time, a meditation on beautiful insects (moths, butterflies), a quasi-mystical visual incantation brimming with non sequiturs and centered on a cockeyed color wheel, a fabulously hokey sequence of silhouettes and (seemingly stuffed) animals emblazoned with a seemingly arbitrary “theme” (as in the “Mysteries of Ohio” series), a Frankensteinian assemblage of body parts, an old-fashioned girly show, and so forth, all rendered in a manner that bestrides carnival posters, underground commix, national heraldry, T-shirt imagery, biological illustration, and the vacuum-abhorring art of the insane. For starters. Like the best entertainers in all disciplines, Fitzpatrick delights in the world and has stylized his delivery so as to maximize his ability to share that delight with his audience. (Adam Baumgold, 60 East 66th St., NY, closed, ; and Pierogi, 177 North 9th St., Brooklyn, closed, 

– Peter Frank