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"28 Rooms," 2004; Ink & watercolor on paper; 22" x 30"

This project is based on one 22" x 30" pen and ink and watercolor drawing titled "28 Rooms." Each of these 28 rooms is reconfigured and recombined separately in a new way on smaller sheets of paper (9" x 11") in a more detailed manner than the original 28 rooms. The result is 22 new drawings of these rooms. The following two web pages show the 28 rooms on top and the individual rooms below.
The following drawings are pen & ink and watercolor on paper, 9" x 11", 2004.

"Relaxing at Matthew Marks'"

"Park Slope Pavilion"

"Chillin' with Spillage"

"Bubble Bath, and the Garage"

"Somewhat Ridiculously Shaped Pool with a Very Ridiculous Slide"


"Powder Room with Pink Porcelain"

"Yellow Yoga Ball"

"Deserted Mattresses with High Dive"

"Pink Chair for Break Time for Gallery Employees"

"Steamy Slumber Chamber with Lots of Wood"

"Manhattan Archery Clinic"

"Pink Closeted Steam Closet"

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