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"Manhole" (2003) is something of a hand-drawn 'editioned' artist book. The first part is simply an artist book, similar to other tightly engineered volumes Teplin has created in the past, including maddeningly detailed pen and ink drawing accompanied with strategically placed, obsessive, scalpel-incised holes. Because artist books are notoriously difficult to exhibit, the second part of this project was born. It consists of one fully-bound book, identical to the original master copy, for every page spread in that master. For example, since there are twenty page spreads in the master - there are twenty individually-bound books, identical to the master, though all the pages are blank except for the spread corresponding to that of the master. What makes it so interesting is that several images of the master book have been cut through consecutive pages so that they are visible on multiple page spreads. So for each singular book in the "editioned" part, the same image was redrawn anywhere from one to four times, depending on how many page spreads that image appears on in the master copy. Scott Teplin has always been attracted to specific work of comic book artists where, in consecutive panels, even though a character or scene appears the same, the viewer is able to pick out tiny details pointing to the fact that the artist took the time to redraw the image each time, instead of succumbing to the easy (and often cold and sterile) methods of speeding up the process of drawing. Teplin feels it lends a certain warmth to the work that images he sees everywhere tend to lack.

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